Bachelor Of Computer Engineering With Honours

Course Duration: 4 years

Entry Requirements

STPMPass with minimum of 2 Grade C including Mathematics and 1 Physical Science
UECPass with minimum of 5 Grade B including Mathematics and 1 Science Subject
A-LEVEL2 Passes in Mathematics and 1 Science subject
Diploma in Engineering/Engineering Technology (recognized by the Malaysian
Government) with CGPA 2.00;


Diploma in Vocational and Technical/Skills in related field (recognized by the
Malaysian Government) with CGPA 2.00

DIPLOMAPass Diploma in the relevant field from Institution of Higher Learning
(recognized by the Malaysian Government)
OthersAny other equivalent qualifications recognized by the
Malaysian Government

Course Outline

Year 1

Engineering Mathematics 1
Environmental Science
Computer Programming
Computer Programming Lab
Engineering Graphics
Elements of Electrical Engineering
Fundamentals of electrical and electronics lab
Engineering Mathematics 2
Internet & Web Programming
Internet & Web Programming Lab
English for Professional communication
Electronic Devices & Circuits
Electronics Circuits lab
Self Development & Leadership Buildings

Short Semester
TITAS (Local) / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi
Hubungan Etnik / Pegajian Malaysia

Year 2

Course Name
Combinational & Sequential Circuits
Data Structures
Data Structures Lab
Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming Lab
Computer Organization and Architecture
Microprocessors and Micro-Controllers
Microprocessors Lab
Database Management Systems
Database Management Systems Lab
Algorithm Design and analysis
Software Engineering
Open Elective 1 (e-commerce, Safety & Health, Operations Research, Numerical Methods for Engineering analysis & Bioinformatics)

Short Semester
Creative and Critical thinking or Psychology 2
Family Issues
Community Services and Curriculum

Year 3

Artificial Intelligence
Operating Systems & Unix
Operating Systems & Unix lab
Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics Lab
Computer Networks
Computer Networks Lab
Organizational Behavior
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Serverside Programming
Serverside Programming Lab
Project Management
System Analysis & Design
Engineer & Society
Group Project

Short Semester
Industrial Training*

Year 4

Object Oriented Analysis & design using UML
Object Oriented Analysis & design using UML -LAB
Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems Lab
Final Year Project 1
Engineering Elective 1 ( Big Data, Distributed Systems ,Data Warehousing & Data Mining ,Formal Language and Automata theory & Image Processing)
Mobile Computing
Final Year Project 2
Engineering Elective 2 (Language processors, Cryptography and Network Security, Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic & E-Governance)

Career Opportunity

Upon completion of this programme, students will be well-prepared to continue on their way to become:

  • Testing Engineers
  • Computer Hardware Engineers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Information Technology Consultants
  • Digital Gaming Programmers
  • Computer Software Engineers
  • Computer Systems Software Engineers
  • Embedded Systems Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Aerospace Engineers
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