Pathfinder Preparatory Programme

课程为期: 2 to 4 Weeks


SPM/STPM/OStudents may apply using their Forecast results. Students must have passed their SPM/SPMV/O Levels forecast with a minimum of 5 credits in any subjects including Mathematics and a Science Subjects


Programme Detail

It is a 2 – 4 week, preparatory course targeted towards SPM and STPM school leavers which aims to expose students to the various healthcare career options as well as to allow them a taste of university life.

As part of the programme students will participate in several experiential learning module involving practical, hands-on training with equipment, laboratories and other healthcare facilities.

This gives them a first-hand experience on what a career in healthcare entails. They will also attend daily classes for general subjects such as mathematics, biology, chemistry and others.

There will be weekly recreational programme such as sports, talent time, outings and study tours with senior students which provides them with a balanced pre-university experience.

Who Is It For?

SPM, UEC, STPM or A Level school leavers who have not decided what career to pursue

School leavers who are curious about studying a healthcare programme

What Do Students Do At The Programme?

Attend classes on general science subjects, mathematics and soft skills

Participate in sports and recreation with other student clubs

Run experiments in a fully equipped laboratory

Manage patient care in a simulated ward

Operate an ambulance and learn the skills of a paramedic

Understand how the human body functions using life-like models

Learn to save lives in a disaster relief simulation


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